IFIP 2.6 - Research Workshop 2009

Fostering Web Data

June 24th-25th 2009, Nicosia, Cyprus

IEEE University of Cyprus Student BranchCyprus Tourism Organization

The Workshop

This workshop is an informal research seminar involving members of the IFIP WG 2.6, but open to external participation.

The general topic was summarized in the title: Foster Web Data. In next years continuing evolutions on the way to publish, access, and consume structured data on the web was proposed. The different solutions are sometimes in contrast one to the other. One of the aim of the scientific community is to make available techniques that are in the same time general purpose scalable and effective to solve real problems. Contribute to this direction is the general objective of this seminar.

Topics with be discussed are (but not limited to): data publication and streaming, data crawling and indexing, access and navigation methods, data fusion and mashups, linked data and entity resolution, data evolution, geo and temporal diminutions, quality, privacy, among others.

The seminar is structured around one or two invited talks. These contributions are expected to stimulate a wide discussion on new research trends on Web Data. The discussion will be complemented by short presentations (20-30 min. each) by participants. Submission of proposals for a presentation are to be sent to Paolo Ceravolo before June 5th. Proposals should include the title of the presentation and a short abstract.

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